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TRA UEA Certification


TRA –UAE  regulations & certification

TRA stands for Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. Its main task is to approve radio technology products for UAE (United Arab Emirates). Manufactures in respective fields distribute products.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) is in charge of wireless communication goods marketing authorization in the United Arab Emirates. Companies can only sell their goods in the UAE if they have this authorization.

The RED standards, which are the backbone for a CE certification for commercial clearance in the European Union, are heavily have incorporated into the TRA certification. As a result, the TRA recognizes results and certifications for CE marking which have already generated. Additional local inspections, as well as the engagement of a native agent, are not required.

Published regulation on approved levels:

Declaration of conformity; level 1

The first level of telecommunication equipment mainly applies to Telecomm equipment equipped with low priority and is risky as well. They are mainly based on SDoC.

General equipment registration; level 2

It experiences medium risk and priority. proof of technical standards and if essential requirements have met. Tests for credibility had being carried out by the lab with equipment that well recognized.

Advance equipment registration; level 3

It experiences high risk and high priority as well. Proof is given for technical standards and is mainly formed based on technical tests, carried out at the national lab, even more, another basis to be rely upon is that reports would be issued by a well-known test lab.

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Middle East - TRA UEA Certification

Regulatory Authority
Report Acceptance
ETSI reports (EMC,RF, Safety)
In-country Testing Required
For some products like Tablet, GSM devices
Local Representative Required
Label Mark Requirement
Certification Validity Period
3 years
Label Mark Example

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