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REACH (SVHC) Certification

Date Updated 14.02.2023

What is REACH Regulation?

REACH means Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of chemical substances. This is the European Union’s set to safeguard the environment and people from chemical compounds normally emitted by different industries manufacturing chemical substances.
Therefore, this union’s registration gives a burden to the industries producing chemical substances to lessen the risks of chemical substances generated in the market. And provide excellent safety data to consumers and all potential users. In addition, (EU) REACH certification is capable of removing the most hazardous chemical products immediately after a solution is found to cut them out from the market.

What does REACH Certification Regulation Entail?

REACH compliance is issued out to industries manufacturing chemical substances simply to take care of the environment. That’s to say: if your company is producing products that are dangerous to the environment, you must comply with the European Union’s REACH regulation.

Moreover, the union is responsible for collecting all the detailed information concerning the products in this category. And attempt to assess their potential risks to the environment. When the data is collected, the information is passed to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) via a registration paper.

Why is REACH Compliance Important?

Companies that meet the REACH requirements get the following benefits:

  • They are proven to protect human lives and the environment.
  • They can operate in the EU market.
  • No problems with litigation and fines.
  • Saving natural resources.

How to Apply for REACH Authorization?

Those who would like to confirm their REACH compliance must apply a declaration that includes:

  • A report on chemical safety.
  • An assessment of other substances that can be used instead of the declared one.
  • A plan for further replacement of the declared substance when the alternative one becomes available.

Sometimes, developers provide full material disclosures (FMDs). However, it is worth mentioning that there is no uniform standard for REACH declaration. Therefore, you can such standards as IPC-1752A, IPC-1754, or IEC 62474.
In any case, you must show that the hazards were alleviated as much as possible and there will be an opportunity in the nearest future to substitute the compounds with other ones that are less harmful.

What is (SVHC) Under European Union?

The European Union REACH regulation considered some substances of very high concern (SVHCs). Under their regulations, these are substances that are very serious or are incapable of reversing their negative effects on the environment and human health.

The list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) was developed by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA).
It also has a special Candidate List, according to which the EU REACH Regulation makes instant inquiries on manufacturers who must declare the presence of these substances. If the SVHC content in products is more than 0.1% by weight, customers must be informed and stay aware of possible hazards. In addition, the product must be accompanied by instructions on safe use for customers.
REACH SVHC Compliance consists of the following steps:

  • Determination of SVHCs content in the product and their precise quantity.
  • If customers make requests, the manufacturer has 45 days to inform them about the presence of such substances and their content in the product.
  • Products must correspond to the requirements and be safe for both people and the environment.

Any substance spotted to be an SVHC might be included in the Candidate List to be later embodied in the Authorization List (Annex XIV). Therefore, vendors of articles incorporating SVHCs ought to provide their users with safety data concerning how the substance is used and its composition.

How 360compliance Can Help With REACH Compliance

REACH Compliance starts by tracking all the data on your supply chain and determining the properties of all the substances that you use. If there are any SVHCs in the products, you have to identify their suppliers, and then, you will have to draw up all the necessary documentation properly.

360compliance provides perfect management solutions that will help you to navigate through this process and keep up to date with changes that are periodically made to the SVHC lists. Do not hesitate to contact the 360compliance professional team and benefit from high-quality services that are both cost-efficient and contribute to the expansion of your client base and market possibilities.

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