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    SASO SABER Certificate for The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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    Are you a manufacturer or distributor looking to expand your horizons and tap into the Saudi Arabian market? Then obtaining a SASO certificate is a crucial step! But navigating the process can feel overwhelming. But navigating the SASO certification process can be complex. That’s where 360Compliance comes in! 

    What is SASO Certification?

    SASO, or the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, is the regulatory body responsible for setting standards and ensuring the quality and safety of products imported into Saudi Arabia. SASO certification, therefore, is essentially a stamp of approval indicating that your products comply with the country’s stringent regulations and standards.

    Why is SASO Certificate Important?

    • Compliance is mandatory: Without a valid SASO certificate of conformity, your products will be blocked at customs, potentially causing delays and financial losses.
    • Consumer confidence: Earning SASO approval demonstrates your commitment to safety and quality, boosting consumer trust and brand reputation in the Saudi market.
    • Market access: SASO certification opens the door to the vast Saudi market, with its growing population and high purchasing power.

    The SASO Certification Process

    Obtaining SASO SABER certificate might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it can be a breeze. Here’s an overview of the process:

    1. Identify applicable regulations: Determine the specific technical regulations your product falls under.
    2. Choose your conformity assessment route: Select the appropriate path based on product type and risk level.
    3. Prepare technical documentation: Gather necessary documents like product specifications, test reports, and quality certifications.
    4. Apply through SABER platform: Submit your application electronically with all required documents.
    5. Factory inspection (if applicable): Depending on the product and assessment route, an inspection may be necessary.
    6. Product testing (if applicable): Your product may undergo testing at accredited laboratories.
    7. Certificate issuance: Upon successful assessment, you’ll receive your SABER SASO certificate.


    What Products Require SASO Certification?

    A wide range of products require SASO certificate, including:

    • Electrical appliances
    • Toys
    • Building materials
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Food and beverages
    • Machinery
    • And More

    How much does a SASO certificate cost?

    The cost of SASO certification varies depending on factors like product type, complexity of testing, and chosen conformity assessment route. It’s generally advisable to consult with 360Compliance for accurate cost estimations.

    What is SABER And How Does it Facilitate Certification?

    SABER is an online portal integral to SASO’s certification process. It handles both Product Certification of Conformity (PCoC) and Shipment Certification of Conformity (SCoC). This platform streamlines the issuance of certificates, making it a crucial element in SASO compliance.

    Why Choose 360Compliance for SASO Certificate?

    Navigating the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization  certification process is crucial for exporting products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a trusted partner for global compliance solutions, 360Compliance can guide you through every step of the SASO testing process:

    • Expert guidance: Our team of specialists possesses in-depth knowledge of SASO regulations and the Saber platform, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.
    • Tailored solutions: We create a customized certification plan based on your specific product and SASO certificate requirements, saving you time and resources.
    • Ongoing support: We offer ongoing support even after certification, ensuring you stay compliant with any regulatory changes.

    Ready to unlock the potential of the Saudi Arabian market? Contact 360Compliance today! We’ll help you navigate SASO certification with confidence and ease.

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