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    South Africa – ICASA Certification

    Are you wondering why your wireless products have been banned from entering the South African marketplace? Do you want to sell your wireless products in the South African marketplace but lack the proper procedure how to obtain ICASA certification? In this article, we’ve laid down some specific pointers regarding ICASA certification to help you understand the basic nuggets about it.

    What is ICASA Certification?

    ICASA is simply an abbreviation of South Africa’s independent communications authority. It is a regulatory body for postal services and national broadcast communications in South Africa. According to Electronic Communications Act and ICASA Act, ICASA certification caters to all the licensing of electronic communication services, broadcasting services, and postal services.
    Therefore, all the wireless products such as communication equipment that are exported to the South African marketplace ought to be certified by ICASA regulatory body before they are sold.

    How to Apply?

    To get your wireless product approved in the South African marketplace, you’ll be compelled to follow a certain process to be permitted to sell your product in South Africa.
    Here are the application processes you need to follow suit to get everything in order:

    1. Prepare essential paperwork to be submitted such as a declaration of conformity, application form, and customs clearance letter among others.
    2. Reach out to South Africa’s local office.
    3. Issue a license application form to the regulatory body.
    4. Deliver the certification fee needed.
    5. Hurrah! Get your certification certificate.

    Who Needs ICASA Certification?

    Anyone who wants to sell wireless products in the South African marketplace needs this type of certification. However, this certification ought to be issued only to a representative in South Africa Institutions or registered companies.

    • Regulatory Authority
      Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)
    • Mandatory/Voluntary
    • Report Acceptance
      CE Report, CB cert & report, FCC report
    • In-country Testing Required
    • Local Representative Required
    • Label Mark Requirement
    • Certification Validity Period
    • Label Mark Example
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