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Russia FAC Approval procedure – Requirements

December 09, 2021

FAC Telecom approval is a document which confirming that the product complies with the requirements for the use of subscriber mobile earth stations of low-orbit mobile satellite communication systems with time-frequency division of channels approved and that it will not have a destabilizing effect on the integrity, operational stability and security of the unified telecommunication […]


FAC Approval

July 21, 2021

FAC is a Telecom approval, and is required for all devices hat have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and access to public networks. The product range associated with FAC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is very wide. Here is an example of a certification process: In order to apply, we must acquire the following documents: Applicant’s charter documents Applicant […]


The FSS (Federal Security Service or FSB) Notification

May 05, 2021

All products that are capable of encryption need to be approved in the Federal Security Service (FSS or sometimes called FSB) in order to be successfully imported to the Customs union. A special document that confirms the product which is transfer data through crypto algorithms can be imported is called FSS Notification (or FSB Notification). […]


Certification process in Russia

May 05, 2021

In order to access the Russian market through obtaining TR CU Certificates (CoC) or Declarations (DoC) of Conformity which are required starting from the stage of customs clearance. In some cases doing business in Russia assume some additional approval form for equipment and products that still aren’t regulated by EAEU Technical regulations. list of  some […]


Russia GOST Certificate

May 04, 2021

GOST Certificate is the oldest conformity certificate in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. The national quality system is marked with a symbol. GOST R  is gradually being replaced by the TR CU certification system with several exceptions and soon will be completely withdrawn. Some products in Russia still should be covered by […]


Russia issues a temporary measures for products

April 21, 2020

According to the current situation in the world resulting from the Coronavirus, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia together with the Ministry of economic development of Russia has developed specific recommendations regarding the conformity assessment procedure. Experts have a limited possibility to go to production facilities and carry out mandatory certification procedures for […]