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The Ministry of Communications of Israel will close 2G and 3G networks by the end of 2025

July 28, 2021

The Ministry of Communications continues to promote advanced wireless infrastructure that will enable the provision of quality and fast cellular services to the citizens of Israel, in view of the growing needs of cellular communications and the growing demand for broadband data communications. Removing the frequencies in favor of providing a service with advanced technologies […]


Israel Updates List of Products Exempted from Licensing

July 20, 2021

The Israeli Ministry of Communications has published an update exempt from the licensing list. According to this list, the following categories do not require telecommunication approval from MoC:   BT devices operating in the 2,400-2483.5 MHz with integrated antenna up to 100mW e.i.r.p Navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO or BEIDOU Parabolic antennas that […]


Israel Opened a Public Consultation

May 04, 2021

According to the regulation by virtue of the Wireless Telegraph Ordinance [new version], 1972 (hereinafter – the Ordinance), the manufacture, trade, installation, operation or possession of a wireless device are operations that require a license from the director – an employee of the Ministry of Communications in charge of radio frequency management. Amendment No. 6 […]


Accelerating the pace of optical fiber deployment in Israel

April 13, 2020

The Ministry of Communications announces the final decision on a portfolio of mutual use of passive infrastructure. The firm seeks to encourage independent infrastructure deployment and strives for a wider range of service providers to be offered to the public to offer quality and higher-quality services over independent infrastructure. The regulation was required to implement […]


Accelerating technology implementation – IP VERSION 6 in Israel

February 26, 2020

Recently, the demand for Internet addresses in the world has increased with the use of IoT applications – the Internet of things and the 5th generation revolution in the mobile world. The addresses in the “old” communication protocol, IPv4, out of stock and worldwide are moving to the IPv6 protocol, which offers a greater number […]


Israel – Ministry of Communication published an Amendment to the Wireless Telegraph Order

January 27, 2019

The Ministry of Communication (MoC) of Israel signed an amendment to the Wireless Telegraph Order to reduce the barriers and significantly facilitate the import of electronic products for personal or family use. The new order is still not valid for commercial use.   The consumer electronics that will recognize under the Order are:   Computer […]


MoC published instruction on the use of the 915-917MHz band

July 26, 2018

The Ministry of Communications has decided to allow technological experiments in the frequency band 915 to 917 MHz in the next months. There is still mandatory to obtain a certificate of compliance and a license under the Communications Law. In addition, the Ministry of Communications will act to rearrange the frequency band between 790-960 MHz, […]


LoRa & Sigfox authorization to use for IoT aaplications published

July 26, 2018

According to a request of various entities seeking to use wireless telegraph devices operating in the LoRa and Sigfox technologies, the Ministry of Communications has decided to allow technological experiments in the frequency band 915 to 917 MHz in the next months. None of the above detract from the need to obtain a certificate of compliance […]