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ANATEL Certification


What is ANATEL Certification?

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) has been the governing body in charge of certifying telecommunications devices and verifying that they meet quality and security standards as well as authorized technical performance.

Quality standards validation for all products that use public telephone networks, transmit radio frequencies, or contain lithium batteries is mandatory in Brazil. The creation of ANATEL in 1997 has made it possible to ensure the safety of the use of these devices for consumers, public telephone networks, and the environment.

Legal commercialization of imported products involves checking them for compliance with the Regulation on Certification and Approval (Resolution 242/2000) in test laboratories. ANATEL Certification is carried out through the Designated Certification Body (OCD), which issues a Certificate of Conformity after a thorough product check and comparison of its parameters with national standards.

Why is this Certification Important?

Manufacturers and retailers of wireless and telecommunications technology in Brazil must comply with complicated and stringent rules governing quality, reliability, end-user privacy, and also system compatibility. Every wireless / telecom gear should be examined and approved in Brazil to enter into this industry.

What are the product categories?

Terminal Equipment

Category I products are those that can be utilized by end customers. This type of technology should be rechecked every year to ensure that no changes in features have happened during manufacturing and that it may remain in the industry. Examples of Category I products include:

  • Mobile phones
  • Lithium-ion cell phone batteries
  • Mobile phone chargers

The average duration of the certification process: 10 to 12 weeks.

ANATEL Certification product

Restricted Radiation Equipment

Category 2 includes the gadgets that produce radio waves, like AM and FM broadcasters and receivers. These devices must be reevaluated every two (2) years, and if the requirements stay the same as the items tested, testing methods are not required. Examples of Category II products include:

  • Wi-Fi Networking Hardware
  • Gadget for Radio Frequency Control
  • Wireless antennas and units

The average duration of the certification process: 10 to 12 weeks.

ANATEL Certification product Radiation Equipment

Remaining Radio Equipment

Category III items are those that meet regulatory standards for durability and electromagnetic interference. These technologies work on their own and therefore have no direct interactions with the end customer. This device does not require any additional inspection or assessment. Examples of Category III products include:

  • Cable connectors 
  • Mobile signal transmitters
  • Fiber optic cables

The average duration of the certification process: 10 to 12 weeks.

What is the ANATEL Certification Procedure?

  • Choose ANATEL Designated Certification Body, which is a 3rd party organization that analyzes and approves items based on laboratory examination.
  • Laboratory choice, item sample supply, project schedule, document compilation, product reviews, and registration of the entire procedure at the ANATEL website are examples of OCD services.
  • Testing of samples of imported goods is carried out in an accredited laboratory. 
  • OCD will certify the goods depending on the findings of lab tests. The approval procedure requires the participation of a local representative.
  • The manufacturer of the product submits a paper to ANATEL for homologation consideration.
  • ANATEL reviews and approves the Certificate of Conformity signed by the OCD and issues a Homologation Certificate.

The particular certification for telecom devices is provided by an OCD developed by the regulating agency itself, in compliance with ANATEL’s established and defined protocols. The OCD serves as a link between your business and ANATEL.

It oversees the whole ANATEL certification program, which is known as the Telecommunications Product Compliance Evaluation and issues the Certification of Compliance. The authorization of the goods can only be obtained using the certificate issued by the OCD.

Based on the test results, OCD issues one of the following types of certificates for products offered to the Brazilian market:

  • Type 1a: does not require renewal.
  • Type 4: requires periodic product evaluation.
  • Type 5: requires not only a renewal of the certificate but also a periodic audit of the factory management system.

The ANATEL Certification Label

What is ANATEL certification in relation to marking the products? Regulators require that telecommunications certificate information be correctly displayed on imported goods. The label placed on the product must comply with the following rules:

  • Label size must be at least 4 mm.
  • The label must contain an approval number.
  • This number is accompanied by the text of Resolution 506.

If a product is too small to accommodate the label, all information can be included in the manual but only with regulatory approval.

ANATEL Certification Label

What Does The ANATEL Certification Label Mean?

The label applied to products that have been tested and certified shows that the telecom product is absolutely safe to use and meets all quality standards approved by ANATEL Brazil.

Responsibility of Manufacturers for ANATEL Certification

ANATEL certificate is issued only for those products that have been tested in accredited laboratories and approved by OCD. In the event of a change in any parameters subject to testing and approval, or even alteration of its production process, the manufacturing company must notify the OCD. The decision on the need for a renewal certification procedure is made by this body, taking into account the specific circumstances of each case.

Responsibility of Distributors for Products with the ANATEL Certification Label

After complaints about the violation of the rules for the sale of goods subject to telecom certification, ANATEL decided to oversee distributors. To make sure that distributors follow all the rules for the certification and labeling of goods, ANATEL undertakes periodic inspections and surveillance. In the course of these events, distributors must demonstrate that all certified products are labeled in accordance with the rules. In addition, inspectors verify that the information provided on the label matches the actual product. The distributor bears all responsibility for any discrepancies found during the inspection.

Expertise to Assist You with ANATEL Certification

360Compliance experts will help you to ensure that manufacturers, distributors, and goods live up to the standards and can stay competitive with a quality difference. We can offer a comprehensive solution to achieve R&D test assistance and program management worldwide, and quick and effective validation testing/licensing in Brazil, thanks to our worldwide scientific infrastructure and skilled market access personnel. Moreover, our International Authorizations Department can assist with worldwide market access requirements.


What is an ANATEL certificate?
It is a document that confirms the compliance of the products offered for sale and uses with the requirements of Telecom Brazil.

What are the requirements for ANATEL marking?
ANATEL products must be marked with a special label containing the approval number and the text of Resolution 506.

What must be homologated by a Brazilian agency?
Most telecommunication products that are offered to the Brazilian market require homologation. Among them are such popular products as mobile phones, mobile phone chargers, Wi-Fi equipment, and much more.

What is the process of ANATEL approval?
To get approval from ANATEL, you need to pass telecommunication certification. To do this, product samples are tested in accredited laboratories and receive a Certificate of Conformity in case of compliance with national standards. After that, ANATEL examines all documents and issues a Homologation Certificate.

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