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FAC Approval

FAC Approval
July 21, 2021

FAC is a Telecom approval, and is required for all devices hat have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and access to public networks. The product range associated with FAC Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is very wide.

Here is an example of a certification process:

In order to apply, we must acquire the following documents:

  • Applicant’s charter documents
  • Applicant agreement between the manufacturer and his applicant
  • Technical specification of the product (can be in English)
  • Test reports (if any)

The DoC is drafted based on the information that is reported above. The main information on the product that’s mentioned in the draft is ut’s name, model, and trademark are indicated along with the information about a manufacturer.
In addition, the draft also includes technical description, product application of use, operating conditions, and information about the presence or absence of built-encryption means and receivers of global satellite navigation systems.

The overall duration of FAC approval is about one month.
FAC is issued by The Federal Agency of Communication of the Russian Federation known as Rossvyaz.

360Compliance provides Testing & Certification for type approval services and global market access in 195 countries. With proven expertise in worldwide regulations, 360Compliance can help your company shorten time to any market, minimize risks and manage the regulatory process from A-Z.

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