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Wi-Fi Certification

Wi-Fi Certification

In the modern world, all people need a reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection. No serious business or individual can do without the fast and secure Internet. Therefore, Wi-Fi certification is a special seal of approval recognized worldwide. That is why developers of all types of wireless devices, which are sold all over the world, need to have valid Wi-Fi certificates. Such a certificate will guarantee that their products are of the highest quality and can provide flawless connection. In this publication, you will learn about Wi-Fi certification in detail.

What is Wi-Fi Certification?

Currently, Wi-Fi devices are tremendously popular worldwide. Every day, people use a lot of electronic products that need a stable Wi-Fi connection to perform their functions. You might have already noticed that many devices have the Wi-Fi Certified logo on the packaging. To get the Wi-Fi logo, the developers of wireless devices must obtain an official Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Wi-Fi certificates are used for security purposes. When computers, phones, and apps have such a certificate, it confirms that they are allowed to access certain data or functions. Generally, Wi-Fi Certified is the mark of approval for all wireless products. It is recognized worldwide and indicates that products comply with industry standards for interoperability, security, and plenty of application-specific protocols. After the product passes testing, the supplier or manufacturer obtains the right to use the Wi-Fi Certified official logo.

Plenty of business products are subject to the certification. Among them are smartphones, home appliances, computers, consumer electronics, and many more. The Wi-Fi Alliance provides its customers with effective tools for FlexTrack and QuickTrack certification processes. They can help the company’s clients confirm their products’ reliability. Moreover, clients can integrate these tools in the development of their products and, therefore, guarantee their highest quality.

The key certification processes are:

  • FlexTrack. FlexTrack provides a flexible Wi-Fi functionality customization that is built into components.
  • QuickTrack. This certification path provides lower costs to get your product Wi-Fi Certified. Hence, members can build various products based on Qualified Solutions. These are chipsets, modules, and some other solutions, which are tested watchfully.

As a rule, the Alliance certification consists of three types of tests. Hence, your new product will be tested for the following:

  • Compatibility. It is the most important test for getting the Wi-Fi Certified label. It means that your new wireless device should be well-matched with certified devices from other vendors.
  • Conformity. Your new wireless equipment should conform to specific elements of the IEEE 802.11 standard.
    Performance. Your product should meet the minimum performance requirements.

Why do you need Wi-Fi Certification?

With the increased range and variety of Wi-Fi products in the industry – from entry points to IoT frameworks – it is now more vital than ever to provide customized testing choices that nevertheless guarantee the best quality Wi-Fi. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance’s press statement, certified products are chipsets or modules that fully satisfy industry-agreed Wi-Fi qualifying criteria.

The Wi-Fi Alliance claims that the certification choice allows for testing at a Wi-Fi Alliance member’s home facility or, as is customary, at a Wi-Fi Alliance-authorized lab (ATL). According to the Wi-Fi Alliance, the new approach cuts expenses and shortens the time it takes to complete certification verification. The new method could reduce the time for Wi-Fi-certified devices created by the Wi-Fi Alliance’s members in the long run.

360Compliance will comply with Wi-Fi Alliance testing requirements, demonstrating your wireless device’s capacity to communicate with other authorized gadgets in a Wi-Fi network.

How to get the Wi-Fi certification

To get the Wi-Fi certification, a company must perform the following steps:

  • The company must be a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance. The annual membership cost as of 2023 is $5,150.
  • The Wi-Fi Alliance lab tests all Wi-Fi products. It usually takes up to four weeks to pass all the necessary tests for the certification.
  • Once certified, the company can use the Wi-Fi Certification logo and certification marks.

Advantages of getting the Wi-Fi certification

The Wi-Fi Alliance certification has plenty of benefits for businesses. Let us enumerate the key ones.

  • Increased standards of security.
  • Customers trust only fully certified products.
  • Certified products will help to grow your business profits significantly.
  • Greater satisfaction of your customers and higher sales.
  • Certification decreases support costs significantly.
  • It ensures compatibility with other equipment manufacturers’ products.
  • Certification speeds up the process of your product development.
  • The Wi-Fi Certified seal guarantees the recognition of your product worldwide and helps it enter new markets more quicker.

Wi-Fi Alliance Standards

The Wi-Fi Alliance is an organization that is considered to be the owner of the Wi-Fi trademark. Producers of wireless products should use it for branding their devices certified for Wi-Fi compatibility. The organization started to work in 1999 with its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The organization mostly deals with Wi-Fi certification. According to the Wi-Fi Alliance standards, your wireless gadget must be compatible with other certified devices in the same WLAN. You should remember that you don’t necessarily need to get the Wi-Fi Certified label.

However, if you get one, it will attract more clients to your product as they know that such a label means the 100% reliability of a wireless device.

Get the Wi-Fi certification with 360Compliance

Now, you know what Wi-Fi certification is and what are its benefits for businesses and individuals. So, if your products have the Wi-Fi-certified label, it guarantees that your Wi-Fi devices are trusted, reliable, and secure. You can get this certification with 360Compliance. To order this service provide us with the following info:

  • Company name.
  • Your name, email, and phone number.
  • Choose a certificate type and press the Send button.

Our manager will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the certification details.


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