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Bluetooth SIG Certification

Bluetooe SIG certification

Date Updated 14.02.2023

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) certification

In addition to governmental clearances for Bluetooth goods, commercial release requires certification in conformity with the Bluetooth SIG’s criteria. Every product requesting to be using Bluetooth connectivity and the Bluetooth branding should first complete the. Bluetooth SIG Qualification Procedure
The company would only be legally entitled to utilize the Bluetooth innovation and the accompanying Bluetooth trademark sign, which would be a global integrity certification for Bluetooth device functionality, after completing this Bluetooth certification. If your item doesn’t quite clear, we will assist you in optimizing your gadget depending on accurate testing results.

Bluetooth device compliance standards

Before a Bluetooth gadget can be authorized, the manufacturer must choose the particular protocol. In the meanwhile, Bluetooth technology comes in a variety of kinds. According to the certification standards, regulatory Bluetooth monitoring is necessary for all variations.
Such regulations, though, are not limited to Europe and the United States. The following is true of all radio technologies in principle: A marketing authorization in the target nation should be granted only if the conditions of the particular organization or entity are clearly met. If needed, we can give you a rundown of the criteria that your Bluetooth device should fulfill in order to be approved in the target markets. 

Why it is important to get Bluetooth certification?

Bluetooth qualification certification was developed to ensure the interoperability of devices through the testing process for conformity to the existing parameters. If a manufacturer creates products that utilize this technology and trademark, they must get a Bluetooth SIG membership and follow the established requirements.

Are there any situations where I do not need to qualify my product?

This qualification is not required for retailers and suppliers who only work with products that were made by other companies. They also do not need to brand or represent the product as their own.

How to get Bluetooth Certification?

Today, there are two ways for the Bluetooth SIG certification process that a manufacturer can follow.

Way 1
You can utilize a product from another manufacturer that has been already qualified. It is a good way if you are not up to changing or adding any new features.
Another way is to buy Bluetooth products manufactured by a third party and distribute them under your logo or name.
At last, there is a possibility to create combinations of qualified products without any changes in design.

Way 2
When you develop a product combination that uses some parts or products that have not been qualified yet, it is mandatory to follow this scheme.

There are official tests that Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities perform. Then, certified experts must accept the results of the tests and approve them. Only after all this is done, you can distribute your product under the Bluetooth trademark

Do you want to use the Bluetooth logo on the product?

Having submitted an application for membership, the company must agree to comply with the rules, including those that are related to the Bluetooth trademark and its use. Only a member company can utilize the word mark and logos for qualified and listed items. Therefore, to work with this kind of product, the company must:

  • Become a member and sign an agreement on the trademark use.
  • Qualify and list the items that are to be sold and distributed under this trademark.

What are the categories of Bluetooth products?

There are three highlighted things regarding the product as recognized by Bluetooth. Usually, any Bluetooth product that can be easily available for sale across the market will require to be qualified as the final product. 

  • Component – A design that assists at a very minimum, all the requirements for one or more of that layer in the Core Specs and protocols, specifications of the Profile, Services. For example, RF-PHY, Link Layer., Host.
  • Subsystem – It is a design that is a great controller, profile, or host.
  • End product  – Another design that supports a complete set of core architecture at a minimum with all corresponding controllers & hosts all main configurations and Services or protocols or profiles outside the core specs of Bluetooth.

How much does it cost?

Always, costs are variable relying on certain situations; however, we have an example of what you can expect when it comes to fees through the Bluetooth Certification, as the annual fees of Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest group) Membership are all free if it is an adopter member. However, when it comes to Associate Member, then it will cost around $35, 000 (if revenue is more than $100M) and $ 7, 500 for an associate member if the revenue is less than that $100M.     

Apart from this, there are some other fees included in the process of how to get Bluetooth Certification such as Declaration or Listing fee and listing fees. 


If you need professional assistance in going through such testing & certification, 360compliance can deliver a turn-key solution for you. You will also get help with project management and consultations that will minimize expenses and help your product reach the market faster. With 360compliance, you are guaranteed on:

  • Transparent and fixed pricing policy;
  • Professional round-the-clock management;
  • Technical support at all stages;
  • ISO17025 accreditation;
  • Compliance with the Global Market Access rules.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact 360compliance and get a consultation for your project.

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