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Papua New Guinea – Approved Band Plans

Papua New Guinea – Approved Band Plans
May 04, 2021

The following bands have been approved by NICTA:

700 MHz

This document covers the frequency plan and channeling arrangements for the 700MHz Band. The 700 MHz band plan relates to the spectrum between 698 – 806 MHz and planned to support IMT and IMT based mobile broadband applications.
PNG adopted the Asia Pacific Telecommunity band plan based on Frequency Division Duplex arrangement. The APT 700 MHz band plan is a type of frequency segmentation formalized by APT for the deployment of mobile broadband technologies most notably Long Term Evolution, LTE.

This band plan intends to guide assignments and regulate usage of this spectrum in Papua New Guinea. The band Plan will guide assignments for deployment of 4G LTE and possibly LTE – Advanced technologies in Papua New Guinea.

71 – 76 & 81 – 86 GHz

This document covers the Band plan and channeling arrangement for fixed wireless systems operating in the 71-76GHz and 81-86GHz frequency range which are also commonly known as the E-band. Other services within the band are also mentioned briefly in this document for sharing and compatibility reasons. It provides information on technical characteristics of radio systems, frequency channeling, coordination initiatives to maximize the utilization, and minimizes interference by applications in the said bands. It is also intended to regulate the usage of the spectrum in PNG.

The Band Plan is based on the Article 5 of ITU Radio Regulations, provisions for region 3 and consequent PNG allocations as per updates of WRC-15.

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