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FCC Acts to Speed the Access to Wireless Technologies

FCC Acts to Speed the Access to Wireless Technologies
July 28, 2021

The FCC  has taken action to facilitate expedited access to new and advanced wireless technologies.

In a Report,  FCC updated the agency’s radio frequency device marketing and importation rules to accelerate the release of new wireless devices. Under the revised rules, manufacturers will be allowed limited marketing and pre-sales of wireless devices to consumers as long as the devices are not actually provided to consumers until they achieve full compliance with FCC equipment authorization requirements.

Also, the revised rules will allow limited pre-authorization importation of radio frequency devices into the U.S. for certain pre-sale activities, such as packaging and shipping to retail locations. The Commission says that the changes will give product developers more flexibility to engage in crowdfunding and other currently popular forms of project marketing while giving consumers quicker access to new wireless devices.

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