Israel Updates List of Products Exempted from Licensing

Israel Updates List of Products Exempted from Licensing
July 20, 2021

The Israeli Ministry of Communications has published an update exempt from the licensing list.
According to this list, the following categories do not require telecommunication approval from MoC:


  • BT devices operating in the 2,400-2483.5 MHz with integrated antenna up to 100mW e.i.r.p
  • Navigation systems such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO or BEIDOU
  • Parabolic antennas that doesn’t exceed 244 cm including side equipment used by it, intended for the reception of satellite broadcasts
  • Computer external devices such as mouse and keyboard
  • Computer monitors
  • Video streamers that comply with the requirements of 2014/53 /EU Directive and have CE marking
  • E-book readers (without cellular)
  • Tablets (without cellular)
  • Laptops (without cellular)
  • Desktop computers (without cellular)
  • Converters for receiving television broadcasts to the public that comply with the requirements of 2014/53 /EU Directive and have CE marking
  • TV sets (TV Receivers, set top boxes)
  • Radio receivers for the reception of public broadcasts using FM/DAB/AM technologies
  • Spare parts for mobile phones
  • Wristwatches other than cellular wristwatches
  • Portable battery-operated metal detectors
  • Vacuum cleaners

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