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SRRC (Radio) & CTIA (Carriers) are asking for local certification holder

SRRC (Radio) & CTIA (Carriers) are asking for local certification holder
December 12, 2018

ccording to the new provision published,  all Radio certificate holder must be registered Chinese companies. International companies exporting to China should set a business license for holding SRRC (China Radio regulatory body) and CTA/NAL (China Telecom & Carriers regulatory body)certifications.

The Local rep. should provide:

• ISO 9001 certificate
• Certificate of Incorporation
• Introduction to research, product and marketing status
• Holding traceability for market surveillance
• There are many changes for the CTA project from April in 2018 that are still proceeding.

For a better understanding of China Radio, Type Approval requirements read our blog on our site:  “China – Guide to SRRC Approval for Radio Transmission Equipment”

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