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CHINA – MIIT releases new frequency planning regulations for 5G

CHINA – MIIT releases new frequency planning regulations for 5G
June 06, 2018

MIIT (Ministry of Industry) announced the new 5G system in the 3000-5000MHz band (frequency band) within the frequency of use planning.

That put China to be the first world’s release of the 5G system in the frequency band frequency planning.

MIIT said in the announcement that significant progress has been made in the frequency utilization planning of China’s fifth generation mobile communication system (referred to as “5G system”).

In order to adapt and promote the application and development of 5G system in China, the frequency planning of 5G system in the frequency band of 3000-5000MHz (medium frequency band).

That will be released according to the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Radio Frequency Division” and the actual situation of frequency usage in our country.

The planning is clear. The working frequency band of 5G system is 3300-3400MHz (for indoor use in principle), 3400-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz frequency band. It is stipulated that 5G system shall not use radio frequency astronomy service in the same frequency band or adjacent frequency band according to law And other radio services.

It also stipulates that the frequency of terrestrial fixed service in the newly applied 3400-4200MHz and 4800-5000MHz frequency bands.

Therefore, the space radio service frequency in the 3400-3700MHz frequency band and the space radio frequency measurement and control frequency in the 3400-3600MHz frequency band shall not be accepted or approved any more license.

Consequently, the national radio regulatory agency will be responsible for accepting and approving the 5G system frequency usage license, the relevant licensing scheme, equipment RF technical indicators and station management regulations in the above working frequency band to be separately formulated and released.


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