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Indonesia Sets up Changes to Renewal Certification Procedure

Indonesia Sets up Changes to Renewal Certification Procedure
February 10, 2019


Indonesia Sets up Changes to Renewal Certification Procedure. Upon the previous announcement, there are quite a number of inquiries.
So here is the summary +latest updates + some potential amendment ( not confirm ) from the information.

1. QR Code must be on the Packaging ( although the circular said it can be affixed on packaging or/and Product. ) size of it not control as long scannable.
2. Warning statement must be in color ( but there will have some discussion on this yet to conclude) and can be affixed on packaging OR/And Product.
3. SRD list is based on No 35 TAHUN 2015 under Short range device technical standards, WIFI And Bluetooth are not include in this standards, it falls under No 28 TAHUN 2015. So Wifi Bluetooth will be required to affix a warning statement.
4. The circular did not mention those product certified before 1st January 2019, but lately, we got verbal confirmation that it will apply only from 1st of January 2019 ( to be confirmed later as this is a verbal statement ).
5. Label photo ( ACTUAL PHOTO ) must be upload to the system after 30 days of a certificate issued. (might have changed due to unreasonable request ).
6. Additional market surveillance options added the sample will be borrowed/drawn direct from the production factory to do the surveillance testing.


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