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India (CRSBIS) notified smart registration process

India (CRSBIS) notified smart registration process
May 04, 2021

India Notified Smart Registration Process to Preserve Confidentiality of Product Prior to their Launch in Indian Market.

Registration/G-12 issued on July 2020, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has issued guidelines related to the publication of information under the Smart Registration Process which preserves the confidentiality of products prior to their launch in the Indian Market.

As per the process, the applicant who wishes to preserve the confidentiality of the product until the date of the launch shall submit the request to BIS under these new guidelines. The request shall indicate the date in which the information shall be withheld from publication in the public domain.

The applicant, however, will be able to download the registration letter from the portal with details of the product/model/brand.The applicant shall not make public claims regarding such registration with BIS until it is published by BIS.

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