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Anatel brings changes to the approval process in Brazil

Anatel brings changes to the approval process in Brazil
December 01, 2019

A certification of products with radio technologies for the Brazilian market is based on an approval by the local authority Anatel. The certification is based on national specifications for the testing and certification process and is a prerequisite for market approval in Brazil .The changes will take effect in April 2020.

At the end of October, Anatel published Resolution 715, which brings about major changes for the marketing of products with wireless technologies in Brazil. The most important changes can be summarized as follows:

  1. The product category list (I, II, III) will no longer exist and Anatel will publish new technical requirements per product type or product family in the near future. The technical requirements will define the conformity assessment models applicable to the type or family of telecommunication products, the applicable tests, the definition of renewal, etc.
  2. Technical rules (such as manual, warnings, marking, certification marks, certification validity, OCD marking rules, renewals, MRA with foreign CBs, laboratory acceptance) will be defined in operational procedures that Anatel will publish in the coming months.
  3. This new resolution includes the possibility of new types of certification, e.g: Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity with testing, Type Approval Certificate, Type Approval Certificate with periodic maintenance and Type Approval Certificate with periodic maintenance and evaluation of the Factory Management System. The certification model is defined by Anatel in the technical requirements and may vary depending on the product type.
  4. Anatel may establish an operational procedure for market surveillance if it is intended that the samples are collected on the market or at the factory.
  5. In the case of imported telecommunications products intended for the Brazilian market, the identification of the approval (Anatel logo + ID number) must take place before the products are imported into Brazil, except in the cases and situations defined in the operating procedure.

Anatel has set a transitional period of 180 days for these changes to come into force, which means until April 21, 2020. According to the current status, the approval process is still feasible up to this point in time in accordance with the previous requirements.

This resolution naturally entails changes for manufacturers, which will only become clearer in the course of further publications by ANATEL. How the authority will exactly define the changes cannot yet be foreseen. However, it can be assumed that further information will follow shortly, as the transition phase of 180 days is relatively short.

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