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ACMA has published a roadmap to IEC/AS/NZS 62368-1

ACMA has published a roadmap to IEC/AS/NZS 62368-1
April 26, 2020

ACMA announced changes to safety standards for IT/AV goods – The standards IEC/AS/NZS 60950-1 (IT equipment) and IEC/AS/NZS 60065-1 (AV equipment) are set to be replaced by a single new standard, IEC/AS/NZS 62368-1.

This change by ACMA will affect you if your products are sold in the EU, North America and Australia. From February 2022, the new standard will replace   IEC/AS/NZS 60950-1 for IT equipment, and in due course, will replace IEC/AS/NZS 60065-1 (for AV equipment).

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