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ACMA creates new licence type to implementing area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) types in the 26 and 28 GHz bands

ACMA creates new licence type to implementing area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) types in the 26 and 28 GHz bands
April 07, 2020

This document outlines the ACMA’s approach to implementing the area-wide apparatus licence (AWL) types in bands. In response to changes in Australia’s spectrum landscape, the ACMA has created the area-wide apparatus licence type (AWL).

ACMA is exploring the option of using this new license type in the 26 and 28 GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) bands. These are the focus for the deployment of high-capacity 5G services and technologies.

AWLs will allow licensees to run several radiocommunications devices at a specified frequency or frequencies within a geographic area. The characteristics of the AWL type make it well-suited for a range of uses and users.

Full registration details of all radiocommunications devices on the Register of Radiocommunications Licences may not be required for AWLs. This is because AWLs will authorise access within a defined frequency range and geographic area and include conditions at the frequency and area boundaries to manage interference. This will lessen the need to use device registration details to resolve interference issues.

ACMA is considering allocating AWLs in the 26 GHz (24.7–27.5 GHz) and 28 GHz (27.5–29.5 GHz) bands, including in the 25.1–27.5 range outside of spectrum licensed areas. These bands have become the focus for the potential rollout of millimetre wave (mmWave) band 5G wireless broadband services. The ACMA is currently developing the technical framework for the introduction of area-wide apparatus licences in these bands (with input from a technical liaison group), and it anticipates completing public consultation on the technical framework by end of the third quarter of 2020.

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