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Australia – ACMA updated the EMC standard list

Australia – ACMA updated the EMC standard list
June 07, 2018

ACMA, The Australian Communications and Media Authority, updated EMC standards.

Consequently, new standards incorporate the listed standard(s) as mandatory standards under section 162 of the Radiocommunications Act.

Therefore, Suppliers must select an appropriate standard in column 2 of Part 2 of the table in the below link as an applicable standard for a device.

Most noteworthy, Suppliers should refer to Standards Australia, IEC and CISPR websites for relevant publication dates.

In addition, the expiry date of old EMC  standards refers the date that ACMA is no longer recognizes the old standards for Australian Standards, like IEC and CISPR standards.

The expiry date of these standards will occur two years after its replacement standard will publish.

For EN standards based on the Official Journal due date.

ACMA mandated EMC standards

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