KOREA – An amendment for RRA regulation was published

Asia & Pacific
November 06, 2019

The amendment was released at AUGUST 2019 and is  relevant for electrical and electronics devices.


  • Reclassification of 22 types of categories. Equipment of radio equipment for radio stations that can be opened without notification corresponding to the technical standards of wireless facilities from conformity certification to conformity registration.
  • Reclassification of 2 types of the automobile equipment and the other lighting product from Registration of Conformity to self-test method.
  • Deregulation on marking methods – when product is imported, in case of offering the label sticker attached to the product surface, the label display of the product surface can be omitted.

The changes came with the thought that in order to make it easier for manufacturers to understand and confirm the types for conformity of equipment and applicable technical standards, and to relieve the regulatory burden of the manufacturers, RRA (National Radio Research Agency) issued an amendment on 23 July 2019, with main changes on product reclassification subject to three conformity assessment:

  1. Certification of Conformity.
  2. Designated test labs Registration of Conformity.
  3. Self-test Registration of Conformity.


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