Giteki mark new marking Requirements for Wireless Product

Asia & Pacific
November 06, 2019

 The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) issued amendments to two existing Ordinances on wireless product certification On February 8, 2019:

  1. ordinance № 15 of 2004: Technical Standards Conformity Certification of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
  2. Ordinance № 37 of 1981: Technical Standards Conformity Certification of Specified Radio Equipment

The amendments came into force on February 8, 2019.

The MIC revised the indication or display method of the technical conformity mark (Giteki mark) and softened the size requirement for the conformity mark. It has been 3 mm or greater and now it is changed to “the size which allows anyone to distinguish the mark easily.”

 The MIC also established provisions for the display of the required information using an external display.



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