USA Opens new Wi-Fi ranges

June 25, 2020

The FCC Type approval adopted new rules for 6GHz on April 23, 2020. According to these rules, it is possible to use 1200 MHz of spectrum in 5.925–7.125 GHz frequency band without license acquisition.

This will help to raise the speed of broadband connection and provide better connectivity in the country and underserved areas. Hence, these changes will drive to new innovations, new applications as well as IoTs.

Currently, the 6 GHz band is used by microwave services that are intended to support such things as public utilities, public safety, and wireless traffic systems and require strong, continuous up and running. In order to ensure compatibility between unlicensed devices and licensed 6 GHz operators, the FCC proposed to divide unlicensed operations into two categories: standard-power and indoor low-power operations.

The standard-power access points will use an automated frequency coordination (AFC) system which will determine the frequencies that can be used without causing harmful interference to microwave services. Then, it will give access to the access points for using these frequencies.

The indoor low-power access points would use the entire 6 GHz band and can be good for connecting devices at homes and for businesses. However, this issue is still under consideration and Further notice of proposed rulemaking currently is seeking comment on this proposal.

The full text of the report here.

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