EU REACH: Candidate list contains 211 SVHCs now

EU REACH: Candidate list contains 211 SVHCs now
Chemicals Testing
July 20, 2021

As from 5 January 2021, Companies supplying articles containing substances of very high concern on the Candidate List, have to submit information on these articles to ECHA.

The Candidate List of substances of very high concern now contains 211 chemicals that may harm people or the environment.
Substances added to the Candidate List on 19 January 2021:

1. Bis(2-(2-methoxyethoxy)ethyl)ether.
2. Dioctyltin dilaurate, stannane, dioctyl-, bis(coco acyloxy) derivs., and any other stannane, dioctyl-, bis(fatty acyloxy) derivs. wherein C12 is the predominant carbon number of the fatty acyloxy moiety .
They were added to the list because they are toxic for reproducting, and may effect sexual function and fertility, and cause developmental toxicity in offspring.

From January 2021 Companies must follow their legal obligations and ensure the safe use of these chemicals, and notify ECHA under the Waste Framework Directive if their products contain substances of very high concern.

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