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UL STD Certification

IEC 62368, UL Standards, CB certification

Date Updated 14.02.2023

What is UL Certification?

UL certification is a safety organization that primarily sets wide standards for upcoming products. UL is out to ensure that products are safe and aligned with the proper guidelines required to set products safe from the environment. When your product is UL certified, you can mitigate risk in marketplaces across the globe, deliver confidence, and demonstrate compliance. In addition, this certification can help manufacturers identify and maintain certifications and end the gap in regulation.

This kind of certification helps to ensure that companies are using practices that are safe and that will not put workers at risk and make sure that the products that companies produce are safe for consumers to use and will not cause them injury. Essentially being UL-Certified shows all parties involved that a company is practicing a high level of safety and is following the industry standard safety guidelines.

What Kinds of Products Need UL Certification?

  • Electrical Components
  • Wire and Cable
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Equipment for Use In Hazardous Locations

UL Certification is needed for these types of products because all of them could potentially result in serious bodily harm on the part of the user if proper safety standards have not been met.

Why do you need Electrical Safety testing?

Most electronic and electrical products are required to comply with Electrical safety standards under national laws and directives such as the European LVD Directive, IEC 62368 certification, UL certification,  OSHA product safety regulations, etc. UL standards refer to Electrical and Mechanical hazardous products may contain. Those hazardous items need to evaluate already in the design phase and they include a selection of listed critical components as part of the BOM (e.g. PCB, Enclosure, Flame parts, Fuses and more).

Benefits of UL Certification

UL certification provides the following advantages:

When the company wishes to go through the UL certification, it must follow the set of rules and requirements for its products and services. This fact is understood perfectly well by the public and provides additional value to the company in the eyes of its customers.

This process is about compliance with the UL standards and requirements. If the company wants to get certified, it must demonstrate that it meets them.

Product development
The process of UL certification includes risk assessment and standards for products even at the stage of development.

Quality standards
Altogether, the UL certification guarantees all the market participants that the products or services bearing this mark have the required quality.

Procedure for Securing UL Certification

The entire procedure consists of the following stages:

1. The company must submit an application for UL Certification at the stage of product development. Here, the manufacturer provides all the details about the product and the industry where it will be used. The application may be accompanied by various attachments.

2. Then, a preliminary evaluation is performed by UL officers. They check which UL requirements the product must meet. In addition, they choose the risk assessment system which will be suitable for the product.

3. The next stage includes an on-site preliminary inspection with the following quotation request for the applicant. During this period of UL certification, experts also investigate the life cycle of the product and its special features.

4. After the quotation is done and accepted, UL engineers start to investigate and test the product.

5. As a result, they will make a conclusion on the product’s conformity to the UL standards.

6. If the product fully meets the requirements, experts will prepare a report with a description of the test results and then assign the UL mark to the product.

It is worth mentioning that there is a specialized UL certification database. You can use it to search for all the products and services that have passed this certification and see the results of their assessment.

The name of the database is ProductiQ, and you can search there by product name or design name. In addition, you can search by product characteristics. Using this resource, you can better understand the requirements for products and prepare your company for this type of certification.

Altogether, compliance with this system is not so challenging to reach. However, you need to understand the existing requirements and follow them at all stages of product manufacturing.

UL Certification from Start to Completion with 360Compliance

360Compliance provides regulatory  Testing & Certification services for hundreds of Hi-Tech manufacturers annually. Our laboratories provide full turn-key Certification solutions, Project Management, and Consulting minimizing your costs and shortening time to market. We offer:

  • Fixed price from start to certificate
  • Time Frame – the Faster TTM turnaround
  • Full project management turnkey.
  • Technical Support 
  • UL Testing & Certification 
  • Global Market Access – Covering ~ 195 countries

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