Our company provides comprehensive product certification services. We work with international and national agencies in more than 195 countries, including the United States and the European Union. Our laboratories are equipped to conduct regulatory testing under CE, FCC, IEC, FIPS, and other programs. With state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified specialists, we assist companies with certification of consumer products, industrial equipment, electronics, telecommunication devices, medical devices, and power generation facilities.

Regulatory Certification Process in Detail

Product certification is a prerequisite for the sale of goods in most countries of the world. It ensures that products meet minimum standards for reliability, safety, usability, and other relevant criteria. Thanks to that, the consumer is guaranteed to receive a high-quality product, which effectively performs its function, has no hidden risks, and does not harm the environment. 

Product compliance certificates can be issued by both government agencies and accredited companies. As a rule, regulatory compliance testing is performed by independent laboratories. 360compliance provides a full range of services. The company’s employees will not only offer compliance testing solutions and issue an expert opinion but also will help you pass all stages required to obtain the certificate. We will help you to shorten the period of product introduction to a new market and gain a competitive advantage. 

The list of regulatory testing depends on the specific standard your product must meet. Therefore, the regulatory compliance certification process consists of the following stages:

  1. Experts review the relevant legislation and technical regulations.
  2. A precise list of standards for the given market is compiled.
  3. Information is gathered about the suppliers of raw materials and components.
  4. The extent to which regulatory organizations are involved in the testing process is determined.
  5. Product testing is performed according to pre-arranged programs.
  6. Documentation with test conclusions is compiled.
  7. The company’s employees issue a certificate or help draw up an application for a certificate. 

If the use of the product in some way affects human health or is associated with certain risks, regulatory approvals will be required for its sale. Unlike the certification, this process always provides for the active involvement of specialists from government agencies or international organizations. The extent of their involvement can vary from reviewing the final documents to conducting tests in a controlled environment. 

Approval for a type of equipment, drug, or potentially hazardous chemical is issued by a laboratory accredited by an authorized body. 360compliance can help you obtain the necessary approvals. Their experts will select the necessary testing program that will cover all your needs related to introducing a product to the market. After the tests are completed, they will form an opinion and submit an application for the official approval.

360Compliance Services

A team of professionals will help you get all the necessary certifications and approvals to start selling products in the US, the EU, Japan, South Korea, and other countries. We provide compliance testing services for the following standards:


360Compliance guides the clients through all stages of product certification and regulatory approvals:

  1. Information gathering.
  2. Drawing up schedules and estimates for the work. 
  3. Preparation of documents, instructions, and product samples. 
  4. Preliminary testing and error correction to minimize costs.
  5. Regulatory testing, detailed analysis of problems and defects. 
  6. Compilation of the final documentation. 
  7. Issuing a certificate or filing to regulatory agencies.

Our Advantages

We simplify the process of bringing a new product to the market or adapting an existing product to new requirements. Our specialists do all the work from scratch, so you won’t need to look for additional contractors, study the nuances of legislation, or apply to government agencies on your own. We offer transparent prices for all services, clear timeframes for work performance, and comprehensive technical support. Our company works with hundreds of technical standards in 195 countries. Fill out an online application, send us an email, or contact us by phone to get relevant information about your product certification.