Taiwan released NCC approval updates

Asia & Pacific
August 07, 2019

The National Communications Commission (NCC) of Taiwan released updates on NCC Type Approval, which include the following;

Devices with passive RFID/NFC tags will also be required to get NCC LP0002 approval if the passive tag activates by the device’s power source which can come from either a battery or AC power which is also considered as an active RFID.
C2PC (Class II permissive change) allows devices with output power increased within 2dB (compared with the original filing) if the change caused by an antenna, exterior, any non-related RF function or power supply (or power board circuits ). If this is the case, a test report with the related tests shall be submitted for C2PC application​.​

For devices that have I/O ports, the test lab needs to approve all functions are evaluated and the worst result/scenario set for the final test. In addition, if the product package includes these accessories or cables, such as HDMI or USB cable, they shall be connected during testing and listed on the test report stating these cables are the same as those in the product package.
In case that the product package does not include these types of cables, the type of cables that were set during the test needs to be mentioned in the test report.


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