Singapore IMDA Publication of New IMDA TS CMT and IMDA TS CBS

Asia & Pacific
October 05, 2020

IMDA had published the revised IMDA TS CMT and IMDA TS CBS on 30th September 2020.The major changes in both standards is to include 5G Bands within the standards which include the 5G Bands : N77, n78 , n257 , n258 and n261.

Changes of IMDA TS CMT mainly are including 5G Bands and testing. Also in this version, they include the new EMC Standards requirement CISPR35 ( changes from CISPR 24 which is harmonized with the international standards timeline )

It also added safety requirements  EN 62368-1 clearly compare to the previous 2016 revision.

All new standards can be download at this website:

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